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SING SING RABBIT X KELLY CHEN  Limited Edition Japanese version poster was designed by Dubai designer MJD Artworks based on the music video’s story “Star Tribe”.


Poster Size : 420mm X 594mm


Story of Star Tribe:

A spaceship is flying through the universe, and it turns out to be Captain K and Pilot Rabbit from the ancient mysterious Star Tribe, who are one of the closest witnesses to the birth of the universe, and often travel through the universe looking for people who make wishes with their hearts. Because fewer and fewer people make wishes, no one has seen the Star Tribe for a long time, and some people even say that they are just a myth or have become extinct...


On a planet that is about to be destroyed, EMMA walks along the dunes with her violin, remembering the mysterious and fantastic story of the Star Tribe that her grandfather told her, and decides to start her wishing journey, hoping to send her wishes to the universe through music to save her own planet.


星星兔 X 陳慧琳日文限量版海報由迪拜設計師 MJD Artworks 根據音樂錄影帶 "Star Tribe "的故事設計。


海報尺寸:420 mm X 594 mm


Star Tribe故事:

一艘飛船在宇宙中飛行,原來是來自古老神秘的星願族的 Captain K和Pilot Rabbit,他們是最接近宇宙誕生的見證者之一,經常在宇宙中尋找用心許願的人。因為許願的人越來越少,所以很久沒有人見過星願族了,甚至有人說他們只是一個傳說,或者已經滅絕了......


在一個即將毀滅的星球上,EMMA 帶著她的小提琴漫步在沙丘上,她想起了爺爺給她講過的關於星願族的神秘而奇妙的故事,決定開始她的許願之旅,希望通過音樂向宇宙傳遞自己的願望,拯救自己的星球。

[愛しさの中 POSTER ] - SSR X Kelly Chen Limited Edition Japanese version

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